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Filemaker data in user defined Word for Windows documents.
For Filemaker 5 thru 11 and Word 2000 thru 2010.

Using a single calculation field and one script you can transfer data from FileMaker records by defining "bookmarks" in any word document.

This Windows only utility (sorry no Mac version) can be hosted on a server to create a document management utility for all users or solve your pagination problem with very long documents.

Why use fmp2word ?

  • Long documents are no problem, page breaks format properly

  • Insert up to 64k of data into your formatting of fonts, tables and graphic elements

  • Use all of the capabilitiy of Word to present your FileMaker data

  • Organise your documents automatically by the reference number of your data records

How much? US$495 for an enterprise licence (unlimited licences within your organisation).

Click to go to for demo download and more details

FileMaker and Word are copyright to FileMaker Inc and Microsoft respectively.
fmp2word copyright (2008) by possible SOLUTIONS (Australia)

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